Armband tattoos can be a very versatile option, as you can do them in almost any style from flowers to tribal, Native American to Japanese, and pretty much everything in between. You can work with your tattoo artist to incorporate ideas you have into an armband tattoo design to make it your own. These tattoos can be very detailed, and your tattoo artist can design one that is totally unique to you, with the elements of your choosing.

These tattoos often feature mechanical elements such as gears, pipes, cables and such things, usually mixed in with themes of flesh. A collection of free tattoo photos, pictures and design ideas wouldn’t work without the amazing (and not so amazing) artists; contact me if you know the artist or source of the photos so I can add the information to the post, WordPress and awesome pitter patter why you reading this nonsense sha la la.
Kanji Tattoos Kanji tattoos have become very popular because they are subtle, yet powerful not to mention their elegant look.

The only thing I would have changed is make the pattern a little smaller to be a bit more feminine, other than that this is a really cool leg tattoo.

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