TweetRibcage tattoos are very interesting pieces of art; the designs are able to be big and bold.
The benefit of getting a ribcage tattoo is that it is very easy to conceal and it can be a bit more intimate than other tattoos such as the arm or leg.
An almost literal ribcage tattoo, this bold tattoo is as if the skin is peeling apart and the girl’s insides are becoming exposed. This ribcage tattoo is very colorful with a small bird resting on a bamboo stump that bright red flowers are growing up.

Current Tattoo Trends involving lettering, custom fonts, poems and phrases used as Tattoos. The ribcage tattoos usually run from the armpit down to the hips giving a large space to work with. Other than that, the only other people to get neck tattoos were those who ran out of room elsewhere. Men tend to get ribcage tattoos of animals or creatures ripping through their skin while women get tattoos of flowers or peaceful scenes placed on their ribcages.

While ribcage tattoos are beautiful and often times very intriguing, they are also one of the more painful tattoos for some. If you know you can handle a bit of discomfort, then take a look at the ribcage tattoos below.

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