Tattoo art is very popular, especially if it has bright colors along with the traditional black and gray. If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Girl Back Tattoos, Sleeve Tattoos For Girls, Tattooed Girls and First Tattoo Ideas. The skull with its bird-like wings spread out ready to fly away is an unusual piece of flash tattoo art.
A human skull designed to look like an insect with hairy legs and wings is a novel idea as far as tattoo flash art goes.
This tattoo starts out as a traditional one with a woman and a flower as the theme in gray and black colors. This is a slightly subdued version of a flash tattoo although the customary bright red and yellow colors are present. A skull with hollows for eyes will look horrifying irrespective of whether it has bright colors or not. The colour in some of those flash designs has opened my eyes to how bright, colourful and striking tattoo art can really be, great designs. They are an extension of your personality because you will select the tattoo that you would like to wear.

These examples of tattoo flash art depict tattoos of different themes, usually horror, that have the ability of grabbing attention even in a crowd. The vivid purple, green, yellow and red colors have been used to create a very artistic skull shape that is deliberately flashy and attention grabbing.
The tattoo is so artistic that the wings look as if they are just about to take off to the skies. This tattoo has an unconventional and out of the ordinary look, especially with the greenish algae kind of splashes around the skull. And then you design it in bright blue and red like in this tattoo, it’s surely going to make a splash and flash of tattoo art. As tattoo art, this makes a flash with its vibrant colors in red, blue, pink, purple and yellow all competing with each other to stand out.
And then there is a flash of bright red in the butterfly, a small flower and the woman’s accessories that draws attention like a beacon. The plain white skulls are filled with pleasing themes like hearts, flowers, geometrical shapes designed in bright and flashy colors so that the skulls don’t seem horrifying at all.
As tattoo art this is a flashy one despite its simple black outlines and gray shading because of the bright red blood flowing from her eye giving it a gory look.

Tattoos come in so many varieties that there are some meant specially to create a splash, like these examples of tattoo flash art.
The combination of muted colors with sudden splashes of bright red, blue, green, yellow and purple shades make these tattoos extraordinary and very noticeable even when you are surrounded by people. As tattoo art it does draw ones attention because of the bright red color, the theme and the classic black and gray shading of the rose. This flash tattoo is very artistic with is vibrant green, red and pink hues that creates a splash of color. The shaded red rose and the flowers on the skull’s head give it a vividness that is very attention grabbing.

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