Adrianne Palicki is a pretty, tattoo-addicted actress who is probably better known at the current time for the role that didn’t happen for the 2011 remake of the “Wonder Woman” movie. Kendall Jenner caused some uproar on Twitter when a tweet with a picture of her with a spine tattoo was sent. Since dragons are so important to the Japanese people, it only makes sense that they’re such a popular design for tattoos both inside and out of the Yakuza.

Dragons really have a large presence in Japan and you can find them adorning shrines and temples, participating in parades, in video games, TV shows, at the bottom of the ocean, and even on people’s bodies. A long narrow canvas offers opportunities to tattoo a image of the spinal column or even a long row of text. Joe” sequel. One of Adrianne’s most noticeable tattoos is a Hebrew script tattoo running down the length of her spine.

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