Whether big and stylized or small and classic, butterfly tattoos are especially popular on the lower back and chest areas because of the odd symmetry and astonishingly interesting and varied wing color.
These designs are relevant to both men and women, and also relate strongly to the spiritual world.
Key and Lock Tattoos – Key and lock tattoos are unique in their meaning and very mysterious. Piano key tattoos – Piano key tattoos are popular with musicians especially if they play the keyboard or piano.  However using piano keys in a tattoo is also appropriate for a person who may want to show a grouping of instruments to represent their membership and ability to play in a group. Computer key tattoos – Computer key tattoos are a fabulous new category emerging in the tattoo world and the possibilities are endless.  Using these key tattoos in very clever ways provides an opportunity for a unique piece of body art. This may be a rare opportunity for someone to think about when it comes to ankle tattoo designs cool part of the body. Tattoos placed here are basically perfect especially for women because they can run and secretly bearable. Another good reason to have it at the ankle tattoo designs are because women generally choose smaller tattoos. Before you can really enjoy your tattoo, you must first surrender to the excruciating pain. Other butterfly tattoos can be based on rare species such as the Ornithoptera genus (more popularly known as birdwings) – the largest of all butterflies, and the endangered Lycaeides Melissa samuelis.

These two types of animals are often confused with one another and people wrongly assume that butterflies are moths flying in the day time. The best approach to finding images is to use the vast wealth of the internet with its many specialist websites and search engines that can track down specific images. This key has been around for about three thousand years.  It’s used in tattoos because of the range of classic simplicity to elegant, ornate, beauty. Large ornate skeleton key tattoos placed on the upper back could be stunning.  On the other hand, tiny skeleton key tattoos are commonly seen in hidden places, like behind an ear.
They are not only cool to look at but they also can easily be hidden when it is deemed appropriate. For most, these images are an expression of liberty, and there 15 to 20,000 well-known and famous species of this animal to copy into the form of a tattoo. Designs can be an admixture of both kinds of animals and the result of this will be a more diverse and exciting final product. Most often the key to my heart tattoos will represent meanings such as; the love you share for someone or only they can unlock your heart. Furthermore, because butterflies survive by feeding on flower nectar, tattooists tend to depict them flying beside, above or on them. You can also use your imagination and design something a little more unnatural or surreal if you have the ability.

Some ideas for these tattoos include: a heart with a chain draped around it with a skeleton key under the heart with your significant other’s name inked in the key. Because the ankle area is filled with more tissue and bone, you can imagine that it would be very painful.
Butterflies can be the basis of some great psychedelic and abstract designs given their peculiarly beautiful shape and intriguing habits. If you bring some key lime pie to your tattoo artist, I’m sure they’d more than glad to discuss placement with you. Their unique looking designs and craftsmanship can’t be found in modern looking keys and locks.
Of course there is always one part of your entire physical form with which you are most confident with. Additionally, you can add things like, torn ribbons, roses, or even thorns to these key tattoos.

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