These tattoos are just a small selection of 1500 new tattoos that we just added to our members area.
IMPORTANT: We do own the copyrights, so you are NOT allowed to put them up on a website, re-sell them or anything other than use them for your OWN tattoos. These tattoos on your web site are out standing, there’s something almost for everyone. Like the new designs would luv to see more with dolphins and or pics to incorporate my kids names.

I really do like the designs that you have put up, but what I am more interested in is Pin up girls. All these designs are awsome, I try new stuff with these by drawing celtic knots behind them and incorperating them in the know work. Great designs ive only just got my guns and started doing my own and have to say your site is a real help, the way i can not only get the stencil from you but can also get an idea of what the finished art work can look like {sometimes just with shading} is brill hope you post some more soon. Busy looking to design another piece for an arm sleeve, in honor of my wife and 2 baby girls… Your site is an inspiration and your art is appreciated.

They all come with stencils that will make it easier for an artist to transfer them to the skin.

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