Dove tattoo designs are the most popular models of bird tattoo and by far, but the history of mankind, the relationship with the pigeons is worth a thorough look, even independently of their effects on the world of tattoo. Pigeons are just full of meaning is illustrated by the fact that probably for this article, you immediately thought of peace, hope and love, even before you had to really aware of it. The pigeons are the most common and are a religious symbol in religious tattoo designs, but they are also a symbol of war and peace both used military and protest groups.

While most white doves in the art, a fine white color is used for tattoo artists to be good to work with, as is often the tattoo of a dove and an overview of the natural color of your skin. Dove tattoos work well on almost any body part, especially because the designer can be a single bird, a flock of birds or flowers to choose and flanked by select lines, etc.
Sometimes, as in this design, the pigeon is a branch of flowers or other anonymous instead of the olive branch.

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