You are not authorized to see this partPlease, insert a valid App IDotherwise your plugin won't work. A tattoo is a beautiful form of body art that can be flaunted anywhere on the body with the back, chest, neck, shoulders and arms being some of the most common spots picked by tattoo lovers. The lower back region is a perfect spot to flaunt a stylish tattoo as it gives you the options of showing your tattoo off among your friends and keep it hidden whenever necessary.
The back of neck is an excellent spot to have a small tattoo, especially for those getting their very first tattoo.

Lower back tattoos originally gained popularity among women who love to have a cute animal picture or pretty symbol tattooed on their lower back. The lower back region is considered to be one of the best spots to get a butterfly tattoo as this region allows for much creativity with these winged tattoos. Women are always looking for unique butterfly tattoo designs for the lower back, which requires tattoo artists to continue fashioning new tattoo ideas. Numerous websites offer beautiful lower back butterfly tattoos, which means it is very easy to get confused about which tattoo will be the best for you.

Small and simple neck tattoos for women include those featuring stars, butterflies and birds while men love Celtic and tribal back of neck tattoos.

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