Tattoos are a very popular art form and trend and there are various shops in Mumbai which give these services to suit your pocket. In the second post of this series, we will talk about how to pick the best tattoo designs and some of the best tattoo artists in Mumbai, India, the tattoo shops is Mumbai to get you inked like your dream celebrity might be. The team has a creative bunch of girls and Mini, the founder cum visual merchandiser turned tattoo artist has over five years of experience in this field. India has no dearth of talented tattoo artists and when it comes to Mumbai, there are tattoo artists in every part of the city.

They specialize in all kinds of tattoos and with such an eclectic bunch, you are sure to have one of the best tattoos you can imagine!
They both were merely 18 when they decided that their love for the art of tattooing needs to go to a different level.
They were two best friends who started out small but now are among the best tattoo artists in the city.
Akshay specializes in Maori and Tribal tattoos which Vijay’s forte is mostly portraits and shading tattoos.

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