Dog tattoos as pet portraits are available from Skin Design Tattoos and tattoo artist Robert Pho.
If you’re not in the mood to gussy up your dog in glitter tattoos, maybe wearing your dog portrait-style as a tattoo is more your style. For most pet owners, the last thing they'd think about while their animal was under anesthesia for surgery would be "man, now's a good time to get Rover that ink he's been wanting." Primarily because, you know, animals have no concept of what a tattoo is, let alone a good one.

As indicated in his Instagram photo of the session, the vet gave him the OK to do the tattoo while the dog was knocked out.
When an adult human being gets a tattoo of their own volition, they have employed their ability to consent to a permanent procedure that ideally they have considered fully. He’s a national award-winning tattoo artist in Las Vegas, Nevada and has been tattooing for over 20 years.

In that sense, this tattoo was more or less forced on that dog, which will ultimately require weeks of care and maintenance that we can be certain it didn’t sign up for.

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