Born in Torino, Italy in 1978, Romano followed his passion for all things artistic by studying fine arts before settling on tattoo art as his favorite medium.
Working from the body art shop Classic Ink and Mods in Amsterdam, Swingaling creates tattoos with an intriguing twist; although the tattoo is permanent, the designs are based on those traditionally used in henna tattoos, a non-permanent form of body art. Take a look at Barbara Swingaling’s website¬†or facebook page for more tattoo art, paintings and contact info. This particular tattoo design focuses on the visual effect of the art instead of what the design represents – one of the elements of abstract art that has confused art viewers for nearly a century. This is an abstract tattoo because the design is a representation of an object; a camera, instead of being a realistic reproduction of an object.
To this day, the bold, simplistic designs of the Avant-garde artists remain popular and are a fantastic source of inspiration for tattoo artists who want to create eye-popping designs with clear lines that hide obscure meanings.Pietro Romano shows his grasp of  both graphic design and Avant-garde ideals in this abstract tattoo design, using contrasting elements to create balance in the tattoo. Matching tattoos like this one are becoming more and more popular with friends or relationship partners as a way to show their love for each other.

The image of splattered paint that features heavily in modern graphic design was first introduced to the art world through the famous abstract artist Jackson Pollock. The main difference between the abstract artists of the early 20th century and the artists and designers of today is the way that modern designers often combine realistic and abstract elements in an art work, creating a juxtaposition between reality and the imagined world. In contrast, the original abstract artists worked mainly from a world of thought and fantasy, creating art works that resembled the real world as little as possible.A human eye is combined with graphic elements in this abstract tattoo by Pietro Romano. This is a current art creation method that allows artists to combine mismatching elements to create a complete art design.
This method is becoming more popular with artists from all art movements, including tattoo art. Instead of expressing an idea through art, the way that the original abstract artists did, many modern artists (including Pietro Romano) are creating art that expresses their own personal opinion of the world.Freddie Mercury and the Apple logo both appear in this modern abstract tattoo by Pietro Romano.
Popular media is finding its way into many art works like this one; giving the tattoo design a current, modern effect.

Romano leads the viewer’s eye through the design with areas of solid color, bare skin and beautiful shading. Red and black work well in graphic art because the two colors offset each other, creating vivid contrast that adds to the power of the design. Often, Romano will create most of the design in black, giving only the most important elements a red shade. Combining black ink splatters with red swirls creates the impression that the tattoo is an abstract representation of a bunch of flowers.
The artist repeatedly stabs the brush into the client’s skin to create the design, in this case a large koi fish.

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