Sugar Skulls and Roses - Half-Sleeve TattooThis tattoo of Sugar Skulls and Roses was done by Trent Edwards.
Half sleeve tattoos designs are quite fashionable and represent the modern day style in every unique way.
Women today do not bother about wearing sleeve less tops – they get tattooed to cover their sleeves anyways! Arms are softer parts of body and one may not resist the pain for long while getting tattooed.
Its heavy in reds and greens, white is use highlight and used a bit heavier on two of the skulls.

Many women prefer to get their arms tattooed with some interesting and colorful designs so that their upper arms do not look bare.
Usually women prefer to get their upper arm tattooed because it gives them more space to design a half sleeve tattoo. Many tattoo artists advise on having a common theme instead of combining multiple themes for a half sleeve design. Once all of the designs are done on your sleeve, you can get them connected with simple lines or a contrasting background.
You should consult a tattoo artist to help in deciding which half sleeve tattoo design will suit you the best.

So, most women prefer to get the entire design to appear on their sleeves in more than one session.

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