Most people on the planet feel the connection with the billions of other worlds across the universe and a star field is a wonderful way of representing those feelings. As with all things, someone else seen these tattoos, liked them, copied them, and adopted them to their own use.
It is well done and very colorful and it certainly does the trick as far as a stars tattoo goes. Lesbians would have a small nautical star tattooed on the inside of the wrist that could be easily covered by a shirt sleeve, watch or bracelet during the day and displayed at clubs to quietly announce their sexual orientation. Some will say it is all about that person really wanting to be a star but I don’t really think so.

If your a fan of the star tattoo, you too can adopt this symbol and adjust it to your personal style. I just think this person, as well as many others feel some sort of very real connection with the stars and whatever else is really out there in the universe and I think that is certainly enough to get a stars tattoo. Every group of people who sport star tattoos bring different cultural, social and religious meanings to the designs involved. That way you can take a familiar design and turn it into something that is special and unique to you.
In fact, the greatest star of all, the sun is vital for our continued survival and has itself become a popular tattoo symbol.

Star tattoos have also been used for luck by sailors, soldiers and those in high risk occupations.

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