Moreover, arm becomes a safe location preferred over chest or neck to get bold and crazy tattoos if you can’t show up your tattoo in formal environment. If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Scripture Tattoos, Boondock Saints Tattoos, Cross Tattoos For Men, and Roman Numeral Tattoos.
Lettering tattoos are very popular and along with color and design, another way to add a very special touch to those lettering tattoos is select from the many different styles of fonts for tattoos available.  Some of the more popular and appropriate fonts for tattoos for different styles of lettering tattoos will be discussed below. All fonts have the possibility of adding color or being inked in color but the font lends itself especially well to color.  This font is called Yold Angelican.  For spectacularly elaborate tattoos relating to this time era or for lettering tattoos that include quotes from this era, a shorter quote in color with this black outline would look great! Some of her not so photographed tattoos include the word Dior tattooed on her left forearm in graffiti, to reaffirm her love and ultimate fanaticism for the historic designer Christian Dior.
On the upper left arm, Misfit Dior has the tattoo of a girl with a gun, which she says looks like a mini her. On the right upper arm and covering almost half of her sleeve, Misfit Dior, has the tattoo of a flying lady amongst a backdrop of city buildings, stars and at the bottom, there is a clown shooting a gun with bullets.

The tattoo is akin to a big collage, representing the many facets of a girl living in the city. Tattoos reflect a fun side of Misfit Dior and she surely lives up to her rapper image by sporting these.
Alexis Krauss’s Arm TattoosSinger Alexis Krauss’s penchant for tattoos has her wearing them like a sleeve. Apart from making a personal style statement, some of the tattoos hold immense depth and meaning for these people. She has tattoos at various places of her body and is one of the preferred poster girls for magazines dedicated to covering tattoos.
Flexing muscles with an amazing large tattoo on it is one desirable style statement that guys die for. Designs can be so fabulous that even if you are just watching pictures of men arm tattoos with no particular motive, you enjoy to core.

This font is called Freestyle script and like Speedline above could go with any number of lettering tattoos from the ancient to the modern, from the serious to the comical.  Have FUN with you lettering tattoos!
The tattoo represents the free yielding spirit of the multi faceted rapper.Unbound by the city life and its shackles, the flying fairy shows the ambitious side of Misfit Dior. While, upper back arm is one of the most favorite tattoo locations among men, forearm pieces are equally popular.

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