Ribcage tattoos are a growing craze in the ink world and celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Rhianna already have their designs made. If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Cool Friendship Tattoos, Tree of Life Tattoo Designs, Back Tattoos for Women, and Serenity Prayer Tattoo Designs.
Even if the rib cage is the most painful parts of the body to get tattooed, it still is getting hugely popular…I think its because of the big body canvas to work on, so much room for accommodating beautiful images. Tattoos never cease to tempt us as there are so many interesting locations on our body, where you can sport a tattoo. If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Sun And Moon Tattoos, Family Tattoos, Funny Tattoos and Daisy Tattoos. Star tattoos can be seen on many people as stars are always a thing everyone wants to touch. You can get inked with a wide variety of elbow tattoo designs either using a single color, two colors, a play of rich and complex shades, or a rainbow burst of colors. If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Hand Tattoos, Knuckle Tattoos, Face Tattoos, Eyebrow Tattoos. This delicate elbow tattoo is inked in the shape of a cute band-aid making for an unusual tattoo design. Inked in a dense 3D style this fresh tattoo combines strong star-shaped patterns inspired by geometry with abstract motifs for a cool look. The pattern of a 5 point star and delicate feathers combine in this red and orange shaded elbow tattoo design.
Realistic looking cracks mark the huge 3D style star in this dramatic single colored elbow tattoo design.
Rich red and black floral designs with bright yellow and orange towards the center make this a stunning elbow tattoo design.
Sunflower petals alternate with blue petals in this complex and rich floral theme elbow tattoo design. This bright red flower theme small tattoo is surrounded by blue decorating motifs making the elbow look very colorful. The empty flower shaped space at the heart of this tattoo design is bounded by pretty patterns of blue and red alternating petals.
Rich black and brilliant blue shades in this text theme elbow tattoo design look very colorful.

A complex arrangement of knots in a beautiful pattern sits inked in this small but elegant tattoo design. Styled in a mix of red and black this is a beautiful spider web tattoo design right on the elbow. The comic style sounds written in the design, the bright colors, and black shadow 3D effects celebrate the world of comics in this tattoo design. This elegant tattoo breaks free from the unlucky vibes associated with 13 with a beautiful web pattern and a 13 at the heart in a single color tattoo design. Two strong cross shapes with straight dark outlined lines marks this cool double elbow tattoo design. Rich red shades with golden rims and green leaves mark this burst of colors in the rose theme elbow tattoo. A bold star inked with thick solid black lines and a smaller solid black star make up this stunning single color elbow tattoo. A blue shaded skull with headphones on is a great tattoo for a music lover who also enjoys many-colored tattoo designs.
A beautiful circular shape with waves of patterns all around look more gorgeous thanks to the dot pattern that shades the design in this elbow tattoo.
Styled in fine lines and delicate shades this circular elbow tattoo pattern shows a spider web. This is a beautiful abstracy design tattoo for the elbow with the black outlines folding in purple cloud shades with an outer pattern of green leaves.
A collection of black solid triangles much like Chinese puzzle pieces surrounds the elbow in a circle in this geometric tattoo.
Dark outlines with delicate shades inside mark every part of this umbrella design elbow tattoo. Check out the beautiful patterns of this cyclical elbow tattoo design that looks much like an open umbrella. We all know that tattoos are permanent representation of the inner personality and belief of a person.
Star Tattoos For Men represents a bright, shining point in one’s life in terms of personal relation, some achievement, or some important event. Terrific colorful nautical stars with skull shadows inside the stars and in the background.

Another Yin Yang symbol on a nautical star looking terrific with placement in centre of front body.
So, if you are planning to have a tattoo this season, I would surely suggest you to go in for a ribcage art. Tattoos on feet, for instance, may offer you very interesting ideas and designs, which can enhance your and style and the look of your feet.
Mexican tattoo designs look great when you get them inked on the elbow, and flower and skull theme designs are the top pick when it comes to Mexican flavored elbow tattoo ideas. Fashionable flowers, quotes, verses, angels, comic characters, you can design tattoos for feet based upon any theme or concept that you can think of.
When you move your hands or are engaged in any activity you can showcase your beautiful elbow tattoo to the world.
You can also got funky modern twists on a traditional Mexican skull tattoo by getting inked with a design that shows a skull wearing headphones. A tattoo design holds a meaning in your life and out of the numerous designs available most of men like to get star tattoo designs. Men also like to have custom designs on star tattoos like the wings on the star, skulls infused with the star, a star with a scroll. Elbow Tattoos are of many kinds, based on what kind of theme you want to portray, but most of them involve designing around the circular shape of an elbow.
The tribal star tattoo is yet another highly popular design among men, besides you may pair a star with yin yang, text, cross and flowers etc.
If you are really serious on having a ribcage tattoo then make yourself pretty strong as it is going to be very painful. Quirky designs such as a band-aid reminding you of the many times you have fallen and hurt your elbow as a kid, or a design with comic book sounds inked in colorful patterns also make great elbow tattoo ideas. If you are looking for star tattoo designs for men, check out the below mentioned image gallery of thirty star tattoo designs. The circular shape of spider webs and their neat interlocking design also make them popular as tattoo design ideas for elbows.

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