Tattoos are expressions-cum-style statements that take inspiration from various aspects of our life. Urban tattoos depict various moods and emotions but the aggressive and tense aspects are conveyed more.
Looking for some edgy stuff to be inked as tattoo design then try out this athletic lady with a fierce look on her face carved in green. The cute girl looks stylish in her tattoo with horses neighing loud on upper back and a rising sun motif in backdrop. The three faced eagle holding a skull in its claws and covering the chest arouses fear in the onlookers. This one is a vibrant, colorful chest tattoo with a spiritual liner that signifies confidence. Urban tattoos are all about expressing your wild and eccentric side as is evident on this boy’s hands.
This colorful tattoo with a weird pattern resembling that of a modern art has a peppy look.
This sexy gal has got tattoos carved on her ribs, chest and hands with flowers and skull images.
The terrifying skull with blood oozing from it and flowers framing the sides inked on chest screams aggression and grief. Swallows flying over folded hands carved on chest and skulls inked on arms presents a cool illustration of urban tattoo. Tattoo with thorny shrubs and a ribbon curled around it bearing the name of a friend who is no longer alive. The best part about the hummingbird tattoos is that they can be combined with all the sweet things like flowers, stars and feathers to give you a sexy feminine look.
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Birds make beautiful tattoo designs as you can incorporate lovely colors and deep quotes with a bird tattoo. Pretty looking hummingbird tattoos are very popular for their intriguing significance in American Indian folklore and mythology. The section could interest lot many love birds as it features very pretty love bird tattoos. Tattoos are a gift of the tribal culture to the world and growing awareness has revived the interest of the people in the tribal art work. The Hawaiian tribal tattoos are a blend of tradition and modernity as, these days, people add some of their own creativity in them but there are some who go for the original work. If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Samoan Tattoos, Endurance Tattoos, Hand Tattoos and Prison Tattoos. Black and white tribal tattoo showing the face of a female deity with intricate embroidery work. A fine and detailed tribal tattoo pattern with designs running in ascending order fashion looks attractive.

An actual tribal tattoo representing the shark teeth, carved on the calf, for an aggressive look. Lotus flower tattoo can represent your faith in mysticism, purity of heart and eternal love. If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Owl Tattoos,Octopus Tattoos, Coy Fish tattoos and Moon Tattoos.
Meaningful leg tattoo, which shows how one becomes a better person after cruising through hard times. Lotus tattoo inspired from Chinese mythology having a terrifying dragon emerging out from a lotus flower. Upper back tattoo with custom lotus flower design combined with scroll and Chinese symbols.
These lotus flowers tattoos are really lovely i liked the lotus angle tattoo its beautiful. If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Russian Prison Tattoos, Gang Tattoos, Outlaw Tattoos and Hispanic Tattoos. This burly prisoner wearing the swastika symbol on his chest and wires on arms has a dashing personality. Black and grey tattoo pattern with floral design looks attractive and has an aesthetic beauty. This chest tattoo bearing a star and an H letter represents the gang association of the criminal. The web tattoo, etched on the neck, signifies the length of the sentence the prisoner has to serve. The prisoner with a large number of tattoos on his body is the one who might be bullied by his jail inmates or could be the strongest among all. Two fighting men, carved as tattoo design, stand for the secret desire of breaking free from the jail that prisoners nurse. This tattoo stands for looming death that is soon to come as the prisoner is serving a death sentence. This arm tattoo is a mark of identity and shows the allegiance of the criminal to a particular gang.
This man with a cool arm tattoo is enjoying his first day after getting released from the prison. Portrait tattoo inspired from the famous television series, carved on the thigh, looks brilliant.
This prisoner having a teardrop, cross and broken heart symbol as tattoo designs looks intriguing. The beautiful female Aztec warrior, created on the leg, makes for a pretty prisoner tattoo. After seeing full front tattoo, I remember the Bollywood movie Ghajini where the hero make permanent tattoos all over his body. Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world.

With its cute and clever features, this bird is becoming very famous in the tattoo world too. So, if you are planning on a tattoo this season, make sure to have a look at the hummingbird designs too.
If you want to get a bird tattoo for yourself make sure that you go through several designs and also the legends that is associated with that particular bird.
The Hawaiian tribal tattoos are a great art work and have become quite popular in the present times.
The tattoos symbolize the tribal gods and goddesses as well as other animals which are considered to be auspicious in the Hawaiian tribal culture.
Some of them have it on their person before they enter the prison while some get it tattooed inside the jail. The bird that you have chosen for your tattoo must suit your personality and you should want to relish it on your body forever. The tattoos are made with great precision and it requires skill to carve the original designs on the people’s body. Below is a list of 25 Hawaiian tribal tattoos designs that will tell you more about the symbolic meaning of the patterns and designs. Having such profound spiritual significance, the beautiful flower inspires many tattoo enthusiasts to sport it on their body.
Therefore, lotus tattoos can be choice of those, who wish to express belief in heavenly elements and spirituality.
Though the practice is prohibited, prisoners find out ways and many of them get tattoos carved while being inside the jails. Of course, if you are a bird lover or own a bird yourself, you could get a tattoo of your bird or a tattoo that represents that specific breed.
It’s your body, so the decision is completely up to you as to whether or not you get a bird tattoo. Not only this, the wearer also has to show patience and forbearance while getting the tattoo done because it causes pain and temporary discomfort for him. Here is a glimpse into the colors and contours of urban tattoos through these 25 examples having the urban tattoo as theme and backdrop. Also, a lot of people out there will get a bird tattoo that has a symbolic meaning to them. Just make sure that the tattoo means something to you and it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. Here we have a collection of 30 prison tattoos, giving more and deeper details about these tattoos. Typically, a bird tattoo on someone represents that they are a truly free spirited person that knows no bounds.

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