Polynesian tattoos have been a source of intrigue for many historians as the traditions behind these tattoos are centuries old.
Polynesian tattoos come from a type of ancient art that has gained a lot of popularity with Tahitian tattoo designs, particularly Tahitian tribal tattoos. Tahitian Polynesien tattoos are those that come from French Polynesia and were traditionally used to signify a high social rank.
While these Tahitian tattoos are available in a lot of designs that appeal to a wide variety of people, the true tribal Polynesian tattoos were given with a procedure that was long and painful. The only area not covered by the tattoo was the face, this practice extended to both sexes.

Therefore, those Tahitian tattoo designs that are available today are reserved for the more modern and less painful method that most tattoo artists use. In fact, women were tattooed two separate times in their lives, once as a little girl and the next when they were sexually developed.
Polynesian is not in itself a style but a collection of the different tattoos used from all the different tribes. These Tahitian tattoos designs were used by a woman who wanted to attract the attention of a man, simply by raising her skirt to reveal the tattoos. Some of the heaviest Tahitian tribal tattoos were worn by the inhabitants of The Marquesa Islands.

Most Polynesian tattoos symbolize courage, power, achievements, protection, and blessings from the Gods.

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