Despite this common perception of it being the icon and symbol for all things dark, it also has a much more significant meaning to it.
Getting a sugar skull tattoo is a great symbol of respect and remembrance to your loved ones that passed.
Finding tattoo ideas for a sugar skull tattoo is pretty easy, but it is recommended to design your own, or finding a tattoo artist to help you design it, this will add meaning to your tattoo, because you could add symbols, patterns and designs that represent your loved one.

Most tattoo artist will be happy to help you design your tattoo, incorporating your vision and ideas for the tattoo and make it unique to you, meaning there will be no other tattoo quite like it, it would be between you and your loven one alone. Despite it being of one concept and origin, it can as a tattoo, be very unique and personal. The original principal of this tattoo is to decorate it with things reminiscent of the person passed.

Different symbols, ideas and designs can be incorporated into this tattoo to make it as unique as not only you, but also the person it is dedicated to.

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