Besides creating privacy, safety, and protection from the elements, enclosed patio courtyards with garden walls give the opportunity for some vertical design and decor.
Coastline Windows loves working with its customers to create front porch designs that suit their house down to the ground.
Simple front porch designs may feature one of our top quality, secure front doors, and uPVC windows with uPVC corner posts. Grander porch designs, suitable for homes with a rich history, may feature stained glass windows, circular windows or a glass porch roof.

If you choose to have a porch design that is no taller than three metres, and has an area of less than 2.5 square metres, then you are unlikely to need planning permission. Many families choose a porch design that allows them to store outdoor clothing, boots and shoes, bags and other items neatly – meaning they can cut down on clutter elsewhere in their home. While this patio design appeals to probably most of us, it takes a special person to own and take care of such a container garden. Browse through them and let us know if you have similar, but different design in mind for your next special event or party.

Adults and children alike love them! Henna is also safe for mommies to be!Individuals who would like to have henna designs, without the need of a party, are welcome to come to my location near BWI in order to do so. Bridal Henna hands demands elaborate work of traditional or Arabian style, while corporate events, special parties works best with simple modern tattoo style Henna art work. At Twinkle, we offer extensive catalog of designs to choose from or you can suggest your own design.

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