This true saying also declares that, in the latter days, when Christ comes again to this earth, he will find his Church here. Having spoken thus upon the connection of this passage, I desire now to address you, for a short time, upon these words as they refer to the entire canon of Scripture. But more pleasant to talk of is another true saying of God which tells us that the blood of Jesus Christ speaks peace to the conscience. Further, god has told us in his Word, that there is a cleansing power in faith, and hope, and love, and all the other Christian graces. Oh god, I love food generation fat, quote tattoos, short quotes, tattoos, tattoo designs, tattoo pictures, tribal. It was so necessary that it should be remembered that he had to record it so that it might be handed down to future generations.
The first which appears in this chapter is the great fact that God will judge and condemn the harlot church.

The one is the Church of our Lord Jesus Christ, composed of believers in him who worship God in spirit and truth, whose creed is the Word of God, and whose power for life and service is the indwelling Spirit of God. I know it is so, and there are some of us, in whom the grace of God has wrought such great wonders, changing us from what we once were, turning us inside out, making us such new creatures that, if we were to meet our old selves tomorrow, we should not know ourselves. Truth is God’s daughter, and he covers her with his great shield, and fights for her with his invincible omnipotence. When men tell us that the gospel is not the power of God unto salvation, we ask them how it is that, every day in the week, we hear of drunkards reclaimed, the unchaste made pure, thieves made honest, and persons of detestable temper made gentle and amiable; and how it is that we so often hear of the conversion of a husband and father, and that the wife and children and home bear witness that the conversion is no sham, but has made the cottage to be no longer a little hell, but more like a heaven upon earth. Do not tremble for the ark of God, do not despair, or even despond; the Lord will win the victory over all the powers of evil. Cleave to the simple teaching of God’s Word in doctrine, in practice, in the ordinances, and in everything.
That is the harlot church, which God will surely judge; and when he does, terrible will be that judgement.

I have stood and looked up to the starry vault of heaven, and I have said, “Well, one thing I am clear about, and cannot doubt, namely, that there is a God. And there is another thing about which I am clear, and that is that I love this God whoever he is, and that I believe him to be a pure and holy being, and I want to be the same as he is; and whatever side he is on, I am on his side.
Now, that which makes me range myself side by side with God for that which is good and true, that which makes me love God, cannot be a lie, it must be true.
Their faith in God has had a sanctifying influence upon them, and so they know, in their own experience, that this saying of God is indeed true.

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