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Sailor tattoos refer to a type of tattoo traditionally favored by sailors and the traditions that accompany these tattoos. It is believed that tattooing on European sailors originated with Captain James Cook's crew after he arrived in the Pacific. Sailors, at the constant mercy of the elements, often feel the need for religious images on their bodies to appease the angry powers that caused storms and drowning far from home. Tattoos with sailors can be traced back as far as the 1700s when Captain James Cook came across the Maori of the South Pacific, and his crew decided to get tattoos as "souvenirs" of their visit.[4] After that the connection between sailors at tattoos steadily increased. Ironically, the popularity of his tattoos resulted in publicity that nearly ruined Collins. Anchor: Refers to a sailor who has achieved the rank of Boatswain or Chief, though historically indicated sailing across the Atlantic. Sailor tattoos are also a visual way to preserve the culture of the sailors' superstitions.
Tattoos developed in the underclass of mariner culture; in time, they grew in popularity in the port districts frequented by those sailors. Luckily for me I live in Hackney, which if you can get over all the sailor tattoos and skinny jeans is an amazing corner of London.

San Diego has the fourth biggest Naval Base in the United States, which makes it the perfect backdrop for the Tattoos and Scrimshaw: The Art of a Sailor exhibition coming to the Maritime Museum of San Diego on March 21, 2014.
Mr Wickham put the popularity of tattoos down to advances in equipment which allowed artists to widen and improve their scope of work beyond the old sailor tattoos. Her style incorporates fairy tale magic with the bold outlines and bright colors made popular with traditional American sailor tattoos. The look - the expertly trimmed beards, the twisty 'staches, the old-school sailor tattoos - are just as much part of their lifestyles as their professions in mixing craft drinks.
A focus on the regulation of tattoos did not begin until the early 1900s when the United States government declared that anyone with an "obscene" tattoo would not be allowed in the navy. During the Second World War in Honolulu, Hawaii, the red-light district was ablaze with sailors and soldiers about to ship off, and in the very center of this was Collins. Government scrutiny made him temporarily quit tattooing in the 1950s, after nearly 20 years of doing it. Throughout history sailors were a very superstitious group and believed that certain symbols and talismans would help them in when facing certain events in life. Consequently, the tattoos became associated with the criminals, prostitutes, and gangs who dwelt in these same districts. This Douche has spent much of his life in tattoo parlors, squirming in pain, just to let you know what a renegade he is.

Sailor Jerry's work typified this style of tattooing during the early-mid twentieth century.
With the declaration many young men took advantage of the easy way out of serving, thus creating a boom in tattoos of nude women. Since their introduction, tattoos became a graphic language and a way for sailors to express themselves through body art, as well as a means of visually identifying with a broader social group.
Sailor tattoos differentiated from these terrestrial tattoos as sailors continued to design new mariner motifs of their own, creating a distinct tattooing culture among sailors. After falling out of style for several decades, these stylized tattoos are regaining popularity again among young people, both sailors and non-sailors.
For example, the images of a pig and a hen were considered wards against drowning; both animals are not capable of swimming and according to superstition God would look down upon a shipwreck and see the image of an animal incapable of swimming, take the tattooed sailor into his hand and place them on land.

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