The dove tattoos are a very popular symbolic tattoo that look pleasant and also exhibit a variety of emotions and traits.
The dove tattoo is carved along with other images such as rose, cross, heart, peace sign, angel wings etc.
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This sober colored dove tattoo has a soothing and beautiful touch that symbolizes love, peace and devotion. The dove, extending the olive branch, makes for a lovely tattoo piece that denotes hope and success. Flying dove tattoo carved on the left side of the chest says that the girl believes in peace and has found it. The doves with rose flower and a cross together create a profound tattoo piece connecting peace, love and divinity together.
The friends have got identical dove tattoos as a mark of love for their friendship and with the hope that their bond will always remain peaceful. Dove tattoo coupled with Shakespeare’s quote makes for a lovely tattoo that means truth and peace are inseparable elements. The dove, the symbol of peace, is a harbinger of the good times that are about to come and this tattoo symbolizes this very fact.

Forgiveness brings peace in life and therefore, one must forgive but never forget the lesson learnt from it; this is the message of the upper back tattoo.
Carved on the hand, this miniature dove tattoo symbolizes that small steps can also bring peace and love in our life. Simple and elegant, this flying dove tattoo is a symbol of liberty and hope; the essential elements of a blissful life. The girl got this tattoo on the side of her belly in loving memory of a dear one who has moved forward on a peaceful journey. This dove tattoo carved in gold and white embodies the guiding holy spirit that was always present with the Jesus Christ.
This peace-loving girl is a fan of the music album MCMXC and has got a tattoo on her back depicting both the likes. This small and red dove tattoo with a green olive branch exhibits the girl’s desire to move on in life and start a new peaceful beginning.
Love and peace are the twin sides of the same coin and this dove tattoo stands for the same fact. The person got this dove tattoo with a name in the loving memory of his friend with a wish that his soul may rest in peace. This back tattoo piece having so many doves flying together in the stars is a symbol of peaceful co-existence.

This majestic dove tattoo with a rising sun in backdrop and a quote symbolizes the belief of the person in god and his guiding spirit.
This plain dove tattoo, carved behind the ear, depicts the fact that the girl always listens peacefully to what her heart says. The hunger for peace leads us to eternal bliss and the result is a heart full of love; this is the meaning of the grey dove tattoo.
The girl got this dove tattoo along with the hands to express her wish that the soul of her deceased grandmother may rest in peace.
The mother exhibits her love for her son with this dove tattoo carved along with his name as the bird too is a caring and affectionate mother. Well, there is lot more to the doves that you will get to know through this post that has 40 dove tattoo designs.

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