Angel wings, heart and flower blend together to come up as a RIP tattoo carved on upper back in memory of dear mum. A sentimental prayer by a grandson worn as a tattoo for the peace of his grandfather’s soul. Sweet, simple tattoo with name and life time of sister inked on forearm along with a heart shape. The wearer remembers the death anniversary of her mother through this roman number tattoo carved on arm. A large black and white tattoo carved on back with an emotional line conveys the bond the brothers shared. Scary and mystic, the tattoo with skull and flowers conveys the mystery of life after death.

A sober tattoo for mom signifying that she will live in her child’s heart forever and always. The lady expresses her love for her father with this beautiful rose tattoo having life time inked on upper back. Cute, elegant tattoo with flowers of three colors worn for the peace of children’s souls. Name initials and RIP spread around the corners of the cross worn for the peace of the departed soul.
Cute tattoo in memory of a girlfriend with her shopping bag expresses how much the boyfriend misses her.
The son’s strong love for his father finds a way through this poignant message inked as tattoo.

MY DAD PASSED 4 MONTHS AGO, IM LOOKING INTO GETTING A TATTOO..HE LOVED BOXING THE SPORT ITSELF SO I WANT TO GET SOMETHING WITH GLOVES SOMETHING IN THAT NATURE PLS HELP!!!! Referred to as RIP tattoos or rest in peace tattoos, the carvings on body parts are done as a mark of respect or to show how much the individual, who is no more, is missed.

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