Cute Foot Tattoos Ideas – Cute foot tattoos can draw individuals attention to your feet.
Tattoos have always been great tools of expression and quotes can be also inked into the skin to give an outlet to our favorite thoughts and lines.
The woman with this back tattoo seems to have figured out the key to leading a positive and happy life.
Loving others regardless of what they do is possible for only those who have a large heart.
A short Tennessee Williams quote which happens to be the favorite of the wearer finds place on his back. This wonderful quote shows us the power and faith of love which gives us strength in times of crisis. This tattoo uses both the peace symbol as well as the pistol to put forth its message more forcefully.
Elegant vines surround the famous quote from the epic love drama of Shakespeare, carved on forearm. Quote from the movie Serenity, carved on the bicep, that points towards the flamboyant and wayward attitude of the wearer.
This quote is from a song composed by labyrinth and carved on the thigh and arm of the girls.

Quote from the famous Hollywood actress Marilyn Monroe that is enlightening and motivating. Quote from the song of the same name carved near the shoulder in curvy font and surrounded by tribal art pattern.
This back tattoo bears a quote from the famous Russian writer Vladimir Nabokov’s creation Lolita. This typewriter lettering tattoo looks cute and the line has been taken from the Famous novel Alice In Wonderland.
Regular and neat font bearing a truthful line about the essence of war, engraved on forearm. Roses carry deep symbolic value and are often featured in meaningful tattoo designs sported on different parts of the body. People who get tattoos on their ribs think they are edgy and unique, especially when the tattoo is a quote or song lyrics.
Its quite a popular tattoo used by the fans along with the quote ‘have faith in me’ and ‘ this is where i make my stand, right here with my friends’. These tattoos can stand for love, friendship, innocence, beauty, grace and unity as well as darkness and even death, depending on the color of the rose depicted in the design. Whether you're a hipster or just feeling artsy, this tattoo is becoming more mainstream, so you'll have to think of a new "obscure" location to get inked.

If you are doing not assured with massive tattoo, you’ll be able to begin with atiny low one. Either way, we hope that this gallery of images has inspired you if you’ve been thinking about getting a quote tattoo. The thigh is one of the most common spots to have a creative tattoo that represents something about the character and personality of the wearer.
You can also get cool ideas about the style of font to be adopted while getting such tattoos. If so, get a quote tattoo that means something to you or has even changed your outlook on life. So, a tattoo design based on roses is an excellent choice for an attractive thigh tattoo with deep symbolic meaning.
Similarly, some people get them etched into their bodies as tattoos on different parts of their body.

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