Young girls want tattoos that define prettiness, beauty and romance, in other words all things sweet and delicate. If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Leg Tattoos For Women, Angel Tattoos, Wedding Tattoos and Travel Tattoos.
One cannot imagine that a peacock can look beautiful in just black color till you see this pretty shaded tattoo. Musical notes and a lovely shaded butterfly make a very pretty tattoo just right for a young girl.
Bright colored flowers and insects are a great combination to have when you want a striking and pretty tattoo.
These modern art style twin dragons are one of the most eye-catching and attractive tattoos among the others. When you are looking for a pretty tattoo with delicate outlines this one with flowers and leaves is a great idea.
This flower has such beautiful shading that it looks exotic and very pretty despite its simplicity.
A lovely bird hovering over a flower in eternal romance is one of the most popular and prettiest tattoos ever. Lilies in a beautiful shade of pink combine with a multi hued butterfly to form a very pretty and bright tattoo. This is a very pretty and delicate tattoo with leaves and stems drawn in thin delicate lines.

When you are looking for simplicity that is also striking and eye-catching this tattoo of black curls is just perfect. Just three stars designed in pitch black is a very striking and simple idea for a pretty looking tattoo. Dots, curves and other geometric shapes are just what you need when you want a delicate and pretty tattoo. A multicolored butterfly and flower are the two ingredients to have a pretty and bright tattoo.
Two heart-shaped cherries is a very pretty and romantic theme for a tattoo that a young girl will love to have. This is a pretty and exotic tattoo with many butterflies flying around as if they are a dancing. A butterfly fairy picking flowers looks really pretty as a tattoo design that’s just right for a young girl.
This is a beautiful contradictory tattoo that is delicate in size but has bright colors that attract attention.
Just the outline of a butterfly makes a very cute and pretty tattoo that is eye-catching despite its simplicity. Tiny butterflies hovering around one large butterfly is a cute theme for a young girl’s tattoo. Musical notes forming a heart shape is a very romantic and pretty theme for a girl’s tattoo.

The heart shape formed by the roses and stems is a very pretty and romantic theme for a girl’s tattoo.
A pretty face tattooed on the foot looks very striking and attractive when designed on the foot. I loved the design of musical notes and a butterfly in the All That’s Beautiful style tattoo idea its looking just awesome.
Here is a variety of pretty tattoos for girls that fit within the theme yet look unusual and trendy. Whether they are designed in single strokes and outlines or filled in completely, each tattoo is a piece of art.
Along with the usual butterfly flower romantic theme, here are some pretty girls’ tattoos that will bowl you over. From just black or brown to bright colorful ones, these tattoos will enamor you and compel you to try one.

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