The sight of swallows meant that land was near, so swallows were a sign of hope and a safe trip home. The 7 mutineers who started the mutiny on The Swallow had a swallow tattooed on their chest in order to recognize each other. Swallows are a sign of overall sailing experience, every 500 nautical miles (or 5750 miles), sailors tattooed a swallow on his chest, so in the early years sailors with 1 or 2 swallows were considered very experienced due to the difficulty of sailing, making them trustworthy and valuable. Swallows were also seen as a sign of carrying the soul to heaven, carrying the soul from the murky waters to heaven. Even though swallows tend to surround sailing, there are plenty of other meanings that attract people to the tattoo design. Two swallows represent freedom, and is popular among those who have been released from prison. Swallow tattoos can have a wide variety of meanings, but behind each tattoo, there may be personal symbolism. A swallow is also such a lovely bird that chooses a mate for life and only nests with its loved one.
This was a fun walk in tattoo, a Sailor Jerry (slightly modified) style swallow right next to another Sailor Jerry tattoo my friend and ex co worker Alex did some time last year.
Many people confuse sparrows and swallows because the birds resemble each other in shape and have similar sounding names, but the meanings of these two bird tattoos are very different.
Of British origin in the early days of sailing, swallow tattoos were once popular among sailors to show off their sailing experience, and express their hope to come home safely. Due to the fact of its cute size, a swallow tattoo could be inked on chest, back,wrist, neck, or even behind the ear… In this post, you will enjoy 50 lovely designs of swallow tattoos I came across. I work at Old Time Tattoo on the Isle of Wight & I also do regular guest spots in London at Never Say Die in Croydon. This classic American tattoo style is very popular and is also referred to as traditional tattoo design and old school tattoo design. The main difference between swallows and sparrows is that they are different species of bird.

Even though they look similar and share a few behavioral traits, the two birds have their own meanings as totem animals and in tattoo designs. Bluebird tattoos are often confused with either sparrow or swallow tattoos, further complicating the meaning of swallow tattoos.A small swallow tattoo on the left shoulder, a popular symbol for travelers and adventurers. Tattoos that are displayed near the face are generally considered more symbolically important because of the high visibility of the tattoo. The most popular swallow used in tattoo designs is the Barn Swallow, also known as the European Swallow.
Sparrows are generally smaller than swallows and come in a variety of brown and cream shades. The stylized tattoo design boasts detail in the wing and tail feathers which draw the focus to the bird’s head and body at the center of the design. They are an excellent addition to tattoos of city streets or a tattoo design that represents a time of life in which a person needed to have a strong character. Although sparrows may appear at first glance to be more dull than swallows, most sparrow species have interesting patterns in their plumage.
Sparrow tattoos have a very different meaning to swallow tattoos and should be appreciated as a separate symbol from swallow tattoos.This artistic black and white swallow tattoo is posed as though viewed from below. The forked tail is a characteristic body trait of swallows that looks great as part of the silhouette of swallow tattoo designs.
Sailor Jerry’s swallow tattoo design is an iconic American tattoo with smooth, elegant lines and an expressive pose.
The colors used in Sailor Jerry swallow tattoos are generally true to the blue, red and white of the Barn Swallow’s plumage, but sometimes greens or browns are added.
The red, white and blue version of the Sailor Jerry swallow tattoo are popular with people from America, England, France and other countries which have these three colors in their national flag. Some species of swallow travel from Europe to Africa, crossing most of the planet in order to avoid the cold of winter. As the creature that brings spring to different parts of the world, swallows are a symbol of both newness and the return of joy and easy times.A classic style sparrow tattoo design.

Swallows were a good sign that the stormy winter seas were soon going to calm, making a sailor’s life safer and easier. Sailors respected swallows because like them, the little bird traveled great distances even though travelling was dangerous. It is said that one swallow tattoo on a sailor’s body meant that he had traveled 5,000 nautical miles. Two swallow tattoos meant that the sailor had traveled 10,000 nautical miles, a great achievement for a sailor of the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. Placing the swallow tattoos puts the birds close to the person’s heart, a part of the body associated with love and passion.
The swallow tattoos are also above the lungs, organs that are associated with breathing and communication. Because the swallow always returns home, a tattoo of a swallow was a good luck charm that would bring the sailor home to his family. Because of this meaning, swallow tattoos have also become popular with soldiers as a lucky charm to bring the soldier home to his or her family and friends.Swallow tattoos are worn by military personnel as a good luck charm to bring them safely home. Tattoos of swallows can also be a reminder of home for people who spend long periods of time away from home. Swallow tattoos can be a symbol of home or patriotism; a way for a person to honor their family, city or country of birth.
Because the swallow always returns each year, this bird can be a symbol of loyalty and love. The association of all bird tattoos with the freedom of flight can be added to the meaning of a swallow tattoo, creating a visual representation of the saying, “If you love someone, set them free.

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