To miss Picnik, you can check out iPiccy, which is also a free online image editor, and looks like Picnik very much. From the above two screenshots, you can find out how similar iPiccy and Picnik are, not only on the web design, but also on the functions, both of them are available for you to auto-fix, to retouch, to add effects and to do some other same or similar editions of your images.
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Picnik is a freeĀ online photo editing website to beautify photos, remove red-eye and apply effects to the digital photos. Picnik has just been acquired by Google recently and Picnik will be operating under Google roof which enable them to reach more people and make their lives more interesting with the cool photo effects.
Picnik is integrated with various popular websites such as Picasa, Facebook, Flickr, Yahoo and Photobucket.

4) See the difference of photo before sharpening and after sharpening using Picnik online editing tool. I hope Picnik team will continue to provide the best editing effects and experience to all users in the world after they joined under Google’s team.
Fun Photo Box | Free Online Photo Editing Service I love to create funny pictures from my photos.
While Picnik is only available for you to upload pictures from your computer, iPiccy is also available for you to upload from URL, Camera, or Facebook, and you can even paint new pictures yourself. Picnik is considering an online PhotoShop which enable you to edit your photos by single click only.
You do need to use Google account to login Picnik because Picnik is free and no registration is required at all.

I will cover more Picnik features in the future posts and I recommended everyone to use this great free online Picnik Editor. There are a bunch of great photo editing tools such as rotate, crop, resize, sharpening, exposure and the best feature is Auto-fix. Again, you are able to produce a nice looking photos using Picnik without using heavy resources software such as PhotoShop.
Picnik is truly an online photo editor with increasingly add-ons to the photo effects tools.

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