Apple geeft geen officiele verklaring, maar de nieuwe emoji's, figuurtjes die emoties moeten weergeven en ondersteunen, mikken duidelijk op diversiteit. Apple is facing a lawsuit from employees who say they were denied meal breaks and rest periods in violation of California labor law.
Attorneys for the plaintiffs estimate that more than 20,000 current or former Apple employees from the retail to corporate level have been affected by the alleged violations. The lawsuit claims Apple employees were forced to work for stretches of five hours or more without meals, and didn’t get breaks on shorter shifts. Apple and other tech companies have previously faced a series of lawsuits alleging that they engaged in anti-competitive hiring practices by agreeing not to poach employees from one another.
Apple has also faced scrutiny in recent years following revelations of wage and overtime violations at Foxconn, its main manufacturing partner in China.

Once apple picking season starts, you’ll want to go off to the orchards to fill the cart with all the fresh fruit you can find.
It also faces a class-action lawsuit from Apple Store employees who said they were not paid wages for time spent waiting for managers to check their personal bags before they left work. Earlier this year, Apple, Google Adobe and Intel reached a tentative $324 million settlement in a class-action lawsuit involving some 64,000 tech workers who say their wages were lower as a result of the no-poaching deal.
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