The sizes given for Print Only refer to the image area; there is always an extra area of plain paper all round to allow for mounting. Our frames are hand-made to order in the UK from wood which comes from sustainable forests here.
For each Lifechart montage we choose the frame we consider suits it best and this is the one shown on the product page. A framed print includes a glass (or acrylic), bevelled mount (except Fishcase, which has none), hardboard back and cord and eyelets.

Fishcase frames are hand-painted black and hand-finished in gold to resemble a traditional technique.
We print in the same light-fast inks onto cotton canvas and stretch over sustainable softwood frames approx.
Fishcase canvases are bordered by the image of a black and gold 'frame' which continues around the sides. We use glass up to a certain frame size (unless otherwise arranged) and acrylic for safety on larger frames.

The frame sizes stated are subject to slight variation since they are hand-made to order and refer to the inside dimensions of the frame back, i.e. The Deep-framed option has an external frame depth of 70mm and the print is set back 40mm behind the acrylic 'glass' to further the three-dimensional effect.

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