Color Accent Studio Pro is a straightforward photo editing tool for the Mac that makes it as easy as possible for you to edit your photos using the selective color approach, a post processing technique where some parts in the photo are left in color while the rest is converted to black and white. Usually, in order to achieve this post processing effect, you will need a pretty competent photo editor, particularly one that enables you to work with layers. From the start it is clear that Color Accent Studio Pro can’t stack up against more comprehensive photo editors out there, but aims to offer a faster and simpler way for creating dramatic effects using the selective color technique.
Within the toolbar, you can find the app’s minimal set of tools, namely Pan and Zoom, Color, Grayscale, Recolor, Undo, Redo, and Brush.

Working with Color Accent Studio Pro is done by combining effects from the mentioned above tools in order to paint over the black and white photo. By this point we hope that you are convinced that Color Accent Studio Pro doesn’t aim to replace other, more powerful, photo editors out there, but simply to provide a very fast and hassle free way to apply selective color effects to your photos. The application features one of the simplest user-interfaces available, with only a toolbar on the left side of its main window and an editing panel in the middle.
Moving on, once an image will be loaded onto Color Accent Studio Pro’s interface, it will be automatically converted to black and white.

You can reveal the natural color underneath, select custom colors used for painting, zoom in for more in-depth editing, and adjust the brush’s size and opacity.

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