David Bromley, Peter Clark, David Whitaker and John Dilnot are among some of the fabulous artists we are showing on our beautiful stands. You can find hundreds of the most famous and beautiful paintings in the world at The National Gallery. The National Gallery has a number of audio guides and tours available to help you explore the collection and make the most of your visit.
The "Essential Audio Tour" features highlights on offer at the Gallery, covering 80 of the most important works.
Something that combined with the unique atmosphere in the Barbican Art Gallery creates a truly fresh, interesting and enjoyable visitor experience.
And in that context I then met with the directors of the three Bauhaus Institutions to discuss if it would be possible to bring a major Bauhaus exhibition to London.

But we wanted to present a major international exhibition in London that made a statement that was about internationalism not nationalism. Discover inspiring art by Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Titian, Holbein, Velázquez, Rembrandt, Turner, Constable, Monet, Van Gogh and Picasso. Then there was a brief period when some of the Bauhaus Masters found temporary refuge here and, for example, we’ve already had a phone call from a family who occupy one of the amazing private houses that Walter Gropius built during his time in the UK on his way to the United States. Because it is so important to remember why we are all so interested in art and design and what creativity means. Of course Britain has always battled with an antipathy towards international modernism generally; but things have changed a lot in the past twenty years and there is now a lot more appetite in the UK for modernist art and design. For me Bauhaus stands for a spirit of experiment and innovation fuelled by a sort of manifesto, a sense of purpose, a sense of why they wanted to democratize design and art and all that involves.

Sometimes it feels that has been lost in the issues around money and power in the art market. And also in our fringe programme we have various events that aim to explore the legacy of Bauhaus, at least on a local level here in London. Therefore I think it’s a really important moment to remind ourselves, and our artistic community, what the power and value of art can be.

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