There are three main type of tattoo games available on the net namely tattoo artist 1 game, tattoo artist 2 and tattoo artist 3. Discussing in detail about each of the specific online tattoo games available, we shall begin with tattoo artist 1 game. In this tattoo game, right at the beginning you are notified that this is your second week at the tattoo shop. Thus, in these online tattoo games, we see there are a variety of facilities for the users and is meant for pure entertainment and fun purpose.
All these three tattoo games are very similar in their approach but obviously differ in the level of game play. In this game, the player plays the role of a tattoo maker who has just been hired in a tattoo shop. After choosing the character you are prompted to select your level of tattoo making, whether you classify yourself as a novice, an apprentice or a master.
This is an even more advanced level of the tattooing game wherein you are notified that you are into the third week of tattooing at the shop. As a player your work is to design a tattoo for your customers, all you need to do is to draw the outline for your customer and then color it as per the drawing provided.

This feature was not available in tattoo artist 1 game and is thus a modification of the same in the higher level. However, tattoo artist 3 is an improvement over the second which is again an improvement over tattoo artist 1 game. Also, in this advance level, the tattoos to draw are tougher with more curves and strict coloring schemes. This round has extra features of collecting cash and bonuses which you can then use at the end of every successful tattooing to purchase products that can either help you tattoo easily or products that help relieve the pain of the customers and increase their tolerance level while you are busy designing their tattoo. Thus, take out time from your chock a block schedule and you might just enjoy tattooing for a change. It is not an extremely demanding tattoo game as you really do not need to be extremely precise for designing of the tattoo. With time, PC indie games such as Max and the Magic Marker gave a new dimension to drawing.
The mouse pointer changes to a medieval quill pen, which helps connecting the dots of a symbol drawn on an old tattered ancient book. The numbers of customers who are available are comparatively less and the difficulty level of the task is displayed for you to check whether or not you should proceed with the tattoo.

Also, the task to be done is a level advanced as apart from drawing the outline and filling in the color, you also have a bonus piercing round wherein you are required to pierce the tattoo to add to the extra bonus point and money which you can use for extra privileges.
Obviously, the game is recommended if you wish to unwind a bit and take a break while enjoying the pleasures of light gaming.
However, you have a single try in the tattoo artist 1 game as one wrong tattoo and the game is over.
Overall, a fun game which may be quite impressive for those who are looking for free drawing games with join the dots type of puzzle mechanics. The customers have a pain tolerance level provided which can help you make the selection of whether or not you want to proceed with the tattooing work.

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