Pixlr Editor is an online service for creating, editing, opening and saving images and photographs in various formats. All you need to use Pixlr is an internet connection (I’ve used it with a 1,6 Mbps 3G connection without any problem) and an up-to-date web browser, and you are ready to go. Whether you want to just crop some pictures or make some great images for your website or even to cut out that weird guy that managed to photobomb your picture, then the Pixlr editor is the tool for the job.
You can insert text, red eye reductions, blur, smudge, crop, rotate, distort and loads of other different effects that usual come with a picture editor. You can add fun retro effects to your photos in a snap and transform your photos into cool looking vintage works of art.
You get to use 3 great bits of software, none of which you need to download, all for free that you can use to edit, crop and resize images to make them look however you want.
If you’re wanting some free software you can download though, GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is a good alternative. Online Free Photoshop alternative it is same like pixlr, But since autodesk has buyed pixlkr, now they have come up with piad version also, and toolpic editor is giving that paid version features in there free version have a look will benefit your user. For now, Pixlr Editor is my first choice for editing photos and creating images when I don’t have Photoshop around. Its much better to use this site for simple image editing than going for photoshop and give ram and cpu a hard time. I found it ideal for editing photos (resize, crop, rotate, convert to other formats etc) for my blog.

This is especially good if you edited up buying some royalty free images from places like PhotoDune and you want to edit them so you can use them over and over again without having to spend more money! With several different layout options you can throw in many of your photos and show them all of to your friends in one image. If you have an iPhone or an Android phone then you can get all these cool effects on a single app. But the borders you can create with this really makes it stand out, especially seeing as you can get this on your computer AND on your phone too. It’s complete free and is also similar to Pixlr and Photoshop, just without all the bells and whistles. I’ve also had that reaction as well, even though I do have photoshop, but the fact that you get all 3 for free, without having to download anything for your computer is pretty amazing.
Most often I use Adobe Photoshop CS5 for both tasks, but there are also situations where I need a lighter alternative, for example when I am using another computer than my main work machine. It is basically a web application with an appearance that will look familiar to anyone who has used Adobe Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro or GIMP. My secondary computer, a small HP Mini-Note 2140 netbook with a single-core 1,6 GHz CPU and 2 Gb of RAM, has worked great with Pixlr Editor for me.
The Pixlr photo editor is a web based piece of software that gives you everything you need to create pictures that would make picasso envious and now I’ll break down how you can use it.
You can get separate apps for all of these different effects but now you can get them all in one app… for free!

Download this from the app store and android market and have a play with this on your phone. You can become an awesome iPhone photographer and have a darkroom installed on your phone too! People never believe we just edit with it, they think we photoshop or something else super advance! Out of many different solutions I have tried, there is one that stands out as an excellent and easy-to-use way: The Pixlr Editor. It is launched directly from the site through Java, so as long as you have Java installed there is no installation of any kind needed – Pixlr runs directly in the browser.
You can actually open .PSD files created in Adobe Photoshop and edit them directly, a feature which I find to be really useful when working away from my office. There is also an optional Pixlr image storage account and a quick image hosting service called imm.io available.

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