Celebrities with om tattoos - Miley Cyrus (she has an om tattoo Рthis is mostly a karma tattoo. Placement ideas for the om tattoo Рon your ankle, on your arm, on the back of your neck, behind your ear, on your wrist (like Miley Cyrus), on the back, on your foot, etc. It seems that people searching for om tattoos, are also interested in related tattoos, such as: bull tattoos, etc. This has inspired by the many tattoo artists, due to its wide meanings and the beautiful symbol.

The syllable of this word is the first sound of life that is used in variations by a many tattoo artist.
This is also combined many a times with traditional Indian symbols to make beautiful tattoo designs. Also, the om tattoo is related to cultural appropriation (just like the hamsa hand tattoo). Some tattoo designs also have some Sanskrit chants written in a circular design to show the eternal circle of life.

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