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Women are survivors and much more resilient than their male counterparts which is evident from the spirit of this tattoo. The woman believes in her inner feminine strength and has got a tattoo on the wrist to symbolize the same. This tattoo created in dainty and cute font goes with the feminine nature and gives motivation and energy. The strength of a woman is her family and this beautiful tattoo resting on the wrist stands for the same.

Another woman with a family tattoo, etched on her ribs that is beautiful and oozes love and affection. This pink believe tattoo with the symbolic ribbon is a tribute to the girl’s grandmother who died of breast cancer. The girl got this name from her best friend and as a mark of love got it tattooed on her back. The memory of women is something to be marveled at and this tattoo points towards that quality.
Woman with a word tattoo that looks charming due to the rare nature of the font and script.

Since, they are close to their family and want to keep their folk happy, family is a recurring theme in such tattoos but all are not limited to this very subject only. Below, we have presented a collection of 35 word tattoos for girls that would help us to explore her in a better manner.

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