Many people who have descended from Native Indian tribes, wear such tattoos to symbolize that they are part of that culture. The American-Indian tattoos are used to describe the various tattoo traditions, like Indians portraits, dreamcatchers, feathers and Indian weapons which are important to represents the culture. In the modern days, a lot of American-Indian tattoos are not even found in traditional culture of Indian until today. Since the expansion the West began, there are many cultures of Native American has lost, disappeared and changed. Native American tattoos are a great way for the natives to enjoy their culture as they recognize their heritage. In Native American culture, the dreamcatcher is a well known symbol and a tattoo design that’s popular and has caught the attention of people from all walks of life. The symbols of Native American tattoo design may differ from one tribe to another, where different tribes were identified by different Native American tattoos. One of the common Native American tattoo designs is the dream catcher which was originally used on the children of the tribes. Native American tattoos have become common among other cultures as well with many tattoo lovers opting to identify themselves with Native American tattoos like the dream catchers, Native American faces, eagles and other symbolic Native American items. Native American tattoo designs involved use of power animals which were often referred as tribe tottems. Native American tattoo symbols vary in meaning from one tribe to another and across the culture groups in North America. Most of the Native America tattoo designs are beautiful and very large is shape making them suit well on the wide parts of the body like the back, arms, chest and the legs. Feathers play an intricate role in Native American culture, being a culture that truly lived off the earth and the grounds, nature and the balance there of was an everyday part of life for Indian tribes. The Native Americans were deeply spiritual and would often communicate thoughts dreams and ideas through symbols and signs like the symbol of man used in the Native American tattoo below.
Native American tattoos offer a wide variety of choice in color, design and symbol patterns. Most Native American Tattoo designs involve use of the feathers which were mostly used by the Native Americans in religious ceremonies and rituals. The Native American culture and the Polynesian culture were similar in most of the cases regarding the symbolism and the meaning they gave to the tattoos. Even if you do not have Native American blood coursing through you, you can still respect the feelings and thought behind this tattoo design. You can see that the design of the simple dreamcatcher has a couple of feathers and is about 2 inches wide and six inches long. The other one that you see here has a circular loop and you can see that it follows the heart shaped design.
Native American tattoos were often done by a Shaman or a designated person within the tribe who was known to be skilled in the art. Native Americans viewed everything as an embodiment of spirit and the meaning was communicated to all the common symbols used in the Native American tattoos. The Native American tattoo design below is a combination of all sorts of elements that make the tattoo quite versatile and stunning. According to the Native American culture, the Native American tattoo is a symbol of the image of the spirit meaning where the tattoo is used is perceived as an embodiment of the spirit of the tattoo whether it’s an animal, a bird or a human being. The tattoos with Indian heads commonly feature in the Native American tattoo culture where the head is associated with the family and is a symbol of strength and loyalty.

It’s also good to decide on the size of the tattoo you want and the place you would wear it on. Native Americans were well known as hunters and gatherers a fact that make them value animals greatly. Fire, water and wind are elements that are also popularly incorporated in the Native American tattoos. This huge Native American tattoo incorporates almost all the common features used in the Native American tattoo design.
Native American tattoos are gaining popularity world over and not only a preserve for Native Americans. The use of skull with a head dress is a common feature in the Native American tattoo design.
Native Americans loved to express ideas and thoughts through symbols like the tattoos and they also had a common belief that everything like the animals, plants, trees had a spirit and by having a tattoo of any of the features symbolized one’s connection to the spirit. One common feature that dominated the Native American Tattoo design is the thunderbird, which symbolized dominion, provision, protection and having an indomitable spirit. I was amazed to see my son (Gabe Pendley) on your website with his first tattoo ( last of a dying breed) that Jake Eaves, Chattanooga,TN, did for him for his 18th birthday….
You can see them in some many varieties and each of them is highly intricate and almost like an artwork on canvas. As evident from the history, Native Americans tribes had their religious beliefs and sentiments inscribed on their body. Some Indians have tattoo of their leader, some tribes only have tattoos on their warrior, and some tribes only had tattoos on their woman.
So, it will be a little bit hard to communicate to the your tribe members if you’re using the other tribe tattoos.
The earliest settlers in the US are well known for their symbolic tattoos that they still identify with till today. It makes a colorful, one of a kind motif that incorporates spider webs, beads and feathers into an intricate and meaningful design pattern.
In some instances after winning a war, the winners would be tattooed as a symbol signifying victory.
Dream catcher is believed to offer protection from bad spirits that appear in bad dreams and nightmares. The Native American tattoo below is large enough covering the entire arm and it looks quite eye-catching. The wearer’s believed that having a Native American tattoo would endow them with supernatural power or some divine strength. The eagle is shown like its on flight making the tattoo depict a rich meaning of the eagles attributes and how its incorporated in the life of man. Many people that opt for these types of tattoos may also incorporate the earthly elements into their design as well such as water, wind, and fire. The feathers often used are for the red-tailed hawk and the eagle since they are considered as sacred birds.
With feathers and beads hanging from it is really beautiful in its elegant lines and simplicity. The place its worn is also ideal as its large enough making it accommodate every bit of the Native American tattoo perfectly. The tattoos are quite large unlike other tattoo designs and the colour mixture is great for those who love a blend of many colours.

Most Native American tattoos have very symbolic meanings and it would be necessary for the wearer to find out on the meaning that best suits one need before working on the tattoo. Deciding in advance gives you enough time to ponder on your decision and get to wheigh on your decision if its actually what you want.
The incorporation of the elements in the tattoo with a blend of different colours creates an eye catching Native American tattoo design that stands out when worn like in the tattoo below. The symbol of the tattoo below can be quite complex given the many features involved in its design. The tattoo below of a Native American girl and an animal looks stunning and reinforces the deep connection the Native Americans have with animals. The colured feathers enhance the facial appearance of the girl  on the tattoo creating a rich picture of a Native American girl. Incorporating skulls in tattoos is common with tattoo designers and the below Native American tattoo design just looks stunning with a combination of the feathers. Some of them looked like shapes while some appeared to be faces of men and animals-of your saints and people of honor and of animals like owl, snake or some logo symbolizing their faith. If you choose highly intricate tattoos you will find them to be very appealing on attractive looking on the body part that you out them on.
The tattoo styles and designs are also different each other which depends on their language. If you want to have an Indian tattoo to expose your origin culture, it is necessary that you to get information about your tribe.
If you are lack of information about what tribe you are coming from, it will far better if you have the neutral Indian tattoo designs.
The Native Americans were deeply spiritual and the ancient tribal tattooing was often done as a part of religious practice. The best part is that a dreamcatcher tattoo has no particular pattern that it follows so it can be created in a multitude of different ways.
Birds are also often used in the Native A merican tattoos as they symbolize a sense of freedom given the ability to sour up higher. Hunting and gathering was a part of daily living for all tribe members, making anything to do with animals and nature an essential part of living for the culture. You may often see tattoos of Indian heads or tribe apparel that can symbolize of wealth of things such as pride, strength, loyalty and family. It’s like associating the tattoos with authority and wisdom while some relate it to feelings such as inner peace, tranquility and power. So, try to choose a tattoo that represent Indian culture that related to natures and animals. The common Native American tattoo designs included animals, birds and reptiles that were often tattooed with the clan name of the wearer incorporated. However, the dreamcatcher is far from being the only Native American tattoo design that has become popular throughout the years in all different cultures.
Today, we honor the culture with a wide range of Native American tattoos that depict the various elements that signify values, culture and pride in the earthly elements around us.
While each tattoos has an inner symbolic meaning, they common aspect about them was that they were done on the body to ward off evil effects.

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