The natural fairy tattoos are the ones live in the forests or any other natural environment.
TweetA great symbol for power, magic and the circle of life, mushrooms come in a variety of styles. Having a mushroom tattoo will often strike interest in those around you since mushrooms are not a very common tattoo design. This classic mushroom style is colorful and cartoonish with flowers and butterflies around it. This mushroom tattoo is very colorful and not too cartoonish, but the unusual colors make it seem that way.

This mushroom adorned with wings and a halo is done with a more dramatic shading and darker colors. This mushroom from the video game Mario is a more modern approach to the extremely simplistic design.
TweetRibcage tattoos are very interesting pieces of art; the designs are able to be big and bold. They can be anything; from a fairy sitting on top of a huge flower or mushroom or maybe a sad fairy looking down at the world beneath her.
The artists often have fun with the coloring of mushrooms because they are whimsical and playful and the color looks amazing when finished.

The ribcage tattoos usually run from the armpit down to the hips giving a large space to work with. While the symbolism behind the mushroom is different from each culture, it is ultimately up to the person wearing the tattoo to give their own meaning, if any at all. Fairy tattoos can thus interpret different symbols and meanings, all depending on the way they have been portrayed.

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