These days, quotes have crossed the boundary of notebooks too and have found a new outlet that is our very own body.
If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, One Word Tattoos, Tattoos With Meaning, Inspirational Tattoos and Chinese Writing Tattoos. Quote from David Means that is a comment on the greed of man and his insatiable nature that never lets him have peace of mind. This quote gives us motivation and points towards a touching fact that most of us are not aware of. Two birds and the quote between them indicates a longing to capture the timeless, happy moments that touches a chord in every heart. Wonderful short quote that tells us about the power of mind and how we can be masters of our own destiny.
The girl got these twin quotes inside bubbles to mark the completion of her first marriage anniversary.
Pretty quote comprising three lines that signify the importance of success and the thirst of the wearer to achieve the same. Drake Fresh quote carved in cursive font with blue ink that underlines the importance of living life on one’s own terms. The girl got a wise quote tattooed on her left forearm that also happens to be her favorite.

The stars complement the quote that talks about dreams and achieving them in the right manner. Encouraging quote carved on the ribs in bold and cursive font that makes asks us to be brave and speak our mind.
This person got the quote of his favorite sportsman carved on the chest as a tribute that also serves as a cool inspiration. Carved on the upper back, this quote encircling a light blue swallow talks about reforms and encourages us to mend our wrong ways. Quote along with black rose that tells about the significance of choices and their impact on our lives. The girl expresses her passionate and naughty desire through a back tattoo that is meant for her lover. Adjust yourself a little and work hard as well to adjust the situations; this is the message of the quote carved around the ribs.
Tattoo with the holy cross carved on the side of lower belly that expresses faith in god and the energy it gives the wearer in return.
This guy got the quote from Robert Frost’s famous poem as a homage to his friend who had to undergo extreme surgery. This quote tattoo shows that the wearer is a person who wants to learn from her mistakes and has an urge to improve herself.

Carved on the back of the neck along with the peace sign symbol, this tattoo has got a very profound message. This person expresses love for his best friend through a fabulous quote tattoo carved on the foot. Some children were so enthusiastic about the quotes that they would get special note books for writing their favorite quotations. Books of quotes were also a hit with such girls and boys and they would get them at any cost. They are the in-vogue thing and people express their feelings and attitudes through such tattoos.
Grow ups also love to collect quotes as they serve as guidelines in their daily life and keep them motivated acting as inspirational sources when they are feeling low.
Here we have short listed 30 fabulous quotes that have been taken from songs, novels, authors and poets.

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