Mermaid tattoos exist since prehistoric times when sailors were essentially drawn towards them and believed to have seen real mermaids.
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Anchor mermaid with a toddler representing hope and support that one gets only from a mother. If you were a sailor and happened to see a real mermaid, you too would have wanted to cherish it forever. I have always like mermaid tattoos and I guess part of that is the fantasy of the whole mermaid thing.
I think that mermaid tattoos should always be colored in a way that the mermaid was a real creature and this would give it much more credibility as a piece of art over all.
Mermaids are beings who lure sailors to their deaths by flirting with them, and then dragging them into the sea.

The anchor in the background is a blood red with yellow stripes and help pronounce the outline of the mermaid. The beautiful mermaid is a mythological sea figure whose upper part is that of a human being while the lower part is that of a fish.
The sea is the source of life for many creatures and the mermaid stands for the process of rebirth that is associated with the sea with the help of mythological forces.
Another popular way to represent the mermaid tattoo is by giving it a more cartoon like appearance.
I think every guy who saw the movie splash fell in love with Daryl Hannah as the gorgeous blonde mermaid and had some secret wish to somehow meet one just like her. The mermaid is as known to bring luck and it is quite popular with women for they happen to believe in fate and luck more than men do. This tattoo uses several different colors including red, yellow, pink, green, brown, and gold.

Mermaid tattoos can be done with intricate knotted forms derived from the Celts, called shield knots. This tattoo has amazing detail, from the tip of the tail, to the golden belly button ring, all the way to the shell in her hair, and has a very interesting fictional being that has an amazing history behind it.
This bearer could easily add other fantasy elements to this tattoo such as dragons or unicorns to make the style even more unique.

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