Fingers are always on display and this makes it desirable to have a really visible and impressive design on them. There is nothing like expressing your love in permanent ink – it is meant to last forever just like the tattoo.
Infinity and Circle of Love Tattoos are popular as well for the symbolic meaning that love never ends. Celtic knots, love knots and Claddah ring designs are very popular for their significance and meaning.
If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Sparrow Tattoos, Badass Tattoos, Leopard Tattoos and Zayn Malik Tattoos. The black and red design gives a vibrant look to this tiny tattoo showing the red ribbon symbolizing AIDS, and the numbers 7 and 5 locked inside circles. Check out the pretty little black star tattoo design peeping out from below the skirt in this subtle and fresh tattoo idea.
A teeny red and vibrant ladybird with black spots makes for a cute and colorful finger tattoo idea.
Take a look at this perfectly shaded blue and black little bird tattoo with its wings out stretched for flying. Inked in simple black lines this is a tiny religious tattoo on the ankle showing the Jesus fish. You can see a simply inked tiny tattoo on the wrist showing the powerful religious symbol of a Christian cross. This is a beautiful and simple tiny tattoo showing a brown flower with five petals, considered an ancient symbol of luck. The back of the neck is a really cute and unusual place to get inked with a teeny red heart tattoo.

The thick black lines touch a narrow base making an interesting triangle shape in bold black in this tiny tattoo design.
Small is really beautiful as you see from this elegant and curvy red and black tiny tattoo inked on the inner wrist. This beautiful tiger butterfly tiny tattoo in orange and black on the finger looks like it’s just about to fly away. This tiny tattoo inked right on the big toe is perfect in its depiction of a six petaled flower with a smaller flower inside. These have been a long-standing tradition with a woman having the name of her husband put on her ring finger.
In fact many a couple have sworn their eternal love for each other with a matching tattoo on their fingers.
In many cases, people go so far as to consider a wedding ring tattooed on their fingers as a commitment to each other and their relationship. I’d stay away from color tattoos on fingers though as they tend to fade quicker than black tats do. Check out this cute little spongy black nettle ball tattoo with two big eyes out to spook you. Sometimes a finger tattoo can be a secret source of inspiration with a word or two tattooed for a kind of ready reckoning when your faith starts to become weaker. Why they would do this may seem a mystery to you but when you look at these wedding ring finger tattoo designs, then we are sure the most staid of brides and bridegrooms will be tempted to get them. I began researching ideas for wedding ring tattoos and came up with 35 unique wedding and finger tattoo ideas for couples that I think you’ll love. A tiny design inked with artistic shades and holding a deep meaning can be equally impactful.

In addition, the idea of having something small but special on your fingers as you go about your home and work life is something that will appeal to most of us. Tiny Tattoos look really pretty when they are inked on the fingers, toes, and other small parts of the body. Tiny tattoo designs can be something religious and deeply powerful such as a Christian cross or the Jesus fish. You will find that there is no dearth of ideas for tattoos on fingers once you start to go for it.
In fact, it would not be wrong to consider ring finger tattoo designs akin to the art of making jewelry, only the materials used in each are different.
You also see tiny tattoos inked near the ankle showing a colorful bug, or a six petaled flower inked in black on the foot. One of the ideas to go for is interesting name tattoo designs for men and women as an alternative for the finger tattoos.
If you are looking at finger tattoo ideas and feel that you are running out of options, then you need to think beyond the obvious like limiting your ring finger tattoo designs to things like your zodiac sign or that of a piece of jewelry, you can even have significant words tattooed on. Hearts always make a lot of meaning, so even in a tiny form a red heart design on your back can say a lot in a tiny format. Welcome to the magically powerful world of tiny tattoo ideas, where big ideas can be expressed artistically in a tiny space on your skin, to be with you forever.

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