Teardrop tattoos are small tear shaped tattoo design placed under the eyes or anywhere on body, and it creates an impression that the tattoo bearer is crying. Black tear drop flowing down his eye, and that stoned expression on his face is saying it all. Heart shape teardrop on her glowing smiling face, showing an unusual contrast in her personality.
In the realm of tattoos and body art, Lil Wayne is an example of this modern medium at the most awe inspiring.
The word 'Blessed' is one of his neck tattoos that has since been covered with the word 'You'. Much speculation has been given to why the 4 tear tattoos upon his face have been covered up; he claims it has to do with a comment made by his Mother personally.

Many in the media make their own opinions about the meanings behind the changes in Lil Wayne and his tattoos, yet few actually seem to verify these claims before putting them to pen. According to some beliefs, a teardrop tattoo was inked on the individual when he had killed a person, particularly while in prison. This is primarily because he is constantly adding to his body collage, both with new tattoos being inked and with the changing or covering up of older ones with new designs.
These are real UV or glow in the dark tattoos done for special use in his recent MTV videos, 'I am Not a Human Being'.
What is the meaning of a teardrop tattoo is still a debatable topic, but according to some of the stories it means that someone from family, a close friend or member of the gang has passed away. A solid teardrop tattoo means that there was a murder committed, and if the tattoo has a clear middle, it was trying to murder and an empty teardrop symbolizes that a loved one has been murdered.

He seems to have taken to this new tattoo style, so it would not be surprising to see more in the coming years. If you too are planning to get one, check out the amazing picture gallery of 25 teardrop tattoos below.

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