He moved to the city of Bucaramanga, in mid-1993 , where he took his first steps as a professional tattoo artist , working in different studios. In recent years he was on staff at one of the most recognized tattoo studios in the country of Colombia in the city of Medellin.
His personal and most preferred tattoo style is focused on oriental art and polynesian, with an extraordinary concept of bright colors and strong expressions of vitality and life throughout his tattoo style.
He has received recognition throughout Colombia because of his continuos first places awards in many tattoo conventions held within and outside the country.In 2010 he was invited to join the team at a top tattoo shop in Monterrey, Mexico alongside great artists. Javier Acero believes that tattoos are everlasting in a great sense, which joins the mobility of the person, projecting the art form on the canvas of life which is the skin.

In 2011, Pipo was invited to participate in the International Tattoo Convention in Venezuela and Brazil.
He is well-known for creating magic with his tattoos (a tattoo magician), due to his passion for the art form. Javier Acero has won a variety of awards and has been recognized by many for the craftsmanship within his tattoos and in other areas within the art world.
Colombia , Ecuador , Brazil, Mexico and Venezuela are just some of the countries that have opened their doors to this Colombian artist tattoo. Miami most of the time, he also makes trips to national and international tattoo conventions.

I hope every one is checking out their steelhead and salmon gear and making sure everything is in order.     August 01, 2011 Not much fishing being done at the moment. I volunteered a few hours Sunday morning with the A Great Day Outdoors fellas, Roger and Bob who help put together the Bob and Jeff Miller Trout Fishing Clinic, which is a mentoring program for the Big Brothers and Big Sisters.The fish were provided by Mike's Tattoo and Body Piercing that is located in Reading, PA.

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