I just opened my phone’s mobile browser to book our anniversary trip through a popular vacation booking site, but I couldn’t click-to-call the phone number because it was an image. While responsive web design is a surefire way to equip your website with the most flexible solution for mobile browsing, you don’t have to act so fast if you’re on a tight budget or you’d rather save up for the next best thing in device-agnostic web development.
Whether you revamp your existing site or create a new responsive web system, I’m here to help you meet your share of the market with the best possible presentation.

By simply converting an image to text, the site’s developer could’ve saved time for mobile visitors. The more you test, the more you can begin to prepare your existing website for this highly diverse group of mobile browsing devices, a group that’ll undoubtedly change by next year. While I wrote it down and clicked away to make a phone call to book my trip, 45% of mobile visitors click to another provider, according to a recent survey.

While this may be the bee’s knees of desktop presentations, it’s destroying your chance to bond with an increasing number of mobile visitors.

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