Mostly drawn on the neck, shoulder and foot daisy flower reveals the lady like appearances and tenderness. Rose as tattoo is common in American culture and it comes with various interpretations as boundless love, passion, hope and fragility. The lily flower tattoo – in the West the lily has the same symbolic, as a lotus in the East.
The lily flower tattoo is a symbol of the world and purity in Russia, a symbol of hope in Ancient Greece. Lily is a flower of greatness and, glories, but not only this, almost; any bouquet of the bride does not manage without lilies now. The white lily, as it is known, designates cleanliness of thoughts, naivety and the tenderness of nature. This is one of the most ambiguous symbols among flowers it is identified with Christian religiousness, cleanliness, innocence, but also, in old traditions, associates with fertility and erotic love because of it pestle similar to phallus and specific aroma. The tattoo of a lily surrounded with thorns, means Immaculate Conception, the cleanliness among the sins of our world. The lily tattoo represented on one part, and a sword on another, mean, accordingly, innocence and fault. If you’ve had your eye on lily tattoos or is looking to get a lily tattoo design any time soon, this article is for you.

The Stargazer Lily: This lily is one of the largest in its species, reaching 36 inches tall and spreading up to 16 inches wide. The Orange Lily: This flower is more commonly known as the tiger lily and is shaped like a bowl. The type of lily you choose for your tattoo will depend on what you want the flower to say about you, what type of personality you have and what shapes and colors you prefer. Even if you cannot find any particular meaning behind a lily to make it special for your body art, still consider getting one simply because they are beautiful and vibrant flowers that make fantastic works of art!
Many flowers are adopted for designing like the lotus flower, Hawaiian flower, Lilies flower, rose flower, Narcissus flower, orchids, Violets and irises. Deeping upon different cutlers and races different interpretations are incorporated with this flower. You go with this tattoo to tell others that you are a warrior of dealing with various situations.
It is because lily is a flower of “heavenly happiness», the marriage bed of Zeus and Gera was covered with lilies. The first lily of the valley is said to have grown from the tears cried by Eve when God exiled her and Adam from the Garden. In Hawaii this flower is often wore by kings and queen and has become part of the ruling class, whereas in Chinese culture it carries the meaning of being gentle.

Besides, the lily personified fruitfulness of the Goddess of the Earth, and subsequently the gods of the Sky. This revered flower was said to have grown from the milk of the Greek Goddess Hera who was Zeus’s queen. Flower tattoos are inspired from different rich and old cultures like Chinese, Hawaii, and American.
Lilly flower come with different designs like calla lily, orange lily and tiger lily tattoo. As one of the most preferable garden flowers in ancient times, lilies were considered as the legendary flowers: because they grew from milk of the goddess of Earth Gera.
This flower is so special that it was chosen to be the birth flower to those born in the month of May, and the wedding flower to be gifted on a couple’s 30th anniversary.
The emblematic sense of lily in images of the Christian sacred occurs basically from the Sermon on the Mount, in which Jesus used the well-known «lily fields» as an allegory of, how the God will remunerate those who refused the thirst of a profit (the Gospel from Matthew, 6:28-30), however now anemones are considered as these flowers.

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