This Tiger Lily Tattoos Design photos and pictures will help you to understand more about the Tiger Lily Tattoos Design.
If you love a dash of color on your shoulder, you can have a multicolored tattoo that brings out your vibrant side. The delicate outlines of the flowers and leaves make a stunning impression in this shoulder tattoo.
The blue shade of quiet enlightenment gives a distinctive look to this spiritual lotus tattoo.
The blossom splits to reveal forms of tiny flying birds, in this freedom theme shoulder tattoo.
Styled in intricate red and black patterns, this abstract tattoo curves sensuously along the shoulder. Two yellow wings sit above two blue wings in this colorful butterfly shoulder tattoo design.

Red, the color of passion, is the shade in which the petals of the fiery flowers are dipped. The most elegant, the most simple and the great looking shoulder tattoo in this collection is the Flight Tattoo.
The A Shoulder Design tattoo is looking great because my sister is having these same tattoo too.
Flowers are always beauty which many used for many purpose, such as religion ceremony, wedding, traditional ceremony, decoration, etc.
The soft beauty of colorful petals goes very well with the seductive shape of a woman’s shoulder. If you interest in this flower you can get the flower or flower tools from your near flower shop. The rounded grace of womanly shoulders is ideal for ink designs featuring bunches of flowers, pretty birds, tribal motifs and ornamental patterns.

Flowers of different kinds, from bell-shaped blossoms, to clusters, to wide petaled ones, are common tattoo designs for the shoulder. The intimate text design inked on the shoulder can give a whole new dimension to a romantic partnership. You can also get inked with abstract designs and geometrical motifs that curve along your shoulder in graceful patterns.

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