Girls used lilac for guessing: it was considered that if to find a five petal flower that meant that you would be happy. The bushes of a white and violet lilac are beautiful at night when it seems that the spring itself has plunged into their fragrant sea. In countries of Western Europe and America the name of the plant is also connected with prevailing color of the flowers – lilac.
Somehow the powerful deity has brought down its anger on human race, and forced to flow rains days and nights, without stopping even for a moment. With special attention young girls peered at odorous brushes, looking for flowers which instead of usual four petals had five, and sometimes even more.

The goddess of spring woke up the Sun and its true companion Iris (rainbow), she mixed the sun beams with motley rainbow beams, and started to generously strew them on fresh furrows, on meadows, branches of trees – and everywhere appeared flowers, and the earth exulted from such good fortune.
Pan ran after her, wishing to calm her, but the nymph has unexpectedly turned into a smelling sweet bush with gentle lilac flowers. The white lilac differed from violet lilac with especial abundance of such flowers; at white lilac you can meet more often the five petal flowers.
How many legends there exist about lilac, there exist as much senses of lilac flower tattoo.
Soon there was so much lilac that the Sun decided to mix the paints on the palette of the Rainbow and started to sow the white beams so to violet lilac also joined and white lilac.

Then, on the contrary, these flowers were considered as misfortune, and they were avoided in any possible way. And all the earth around was covered by thickets of green bushes which were covered by fragrant beautiful brushes of white and lilac color.

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