Due to a widely multi-cultural make up, Toronto is a mixing pot of design, lifestyle, and customs. Bryndon is the third artist we’re featuring from just outside of Toronto (Burlington, Ontario), deal with it.
We encourage you to send us submissions for any tattoo shops we may have missed, we would be happy to grow this list.
With over 6 years of experience in the tattoo industry, Inshaan Ali has always strived to push the boundaries of his artistic abilities.
She has the ability to excel in a wide range of styles from traditional tattooing to the most intricate types of linework.
An avid student of the traditional game, Peter is not afraid to venture into the likes of new and uncharted styles. If you want to get work done by an artist, particularly a popular one, then try to book time ahead with them, you may get there only to discover that the artist is booked from day one.

It was tough to choose a showcase image for Alex, because we did not want to give off a one direction perception of her style.
Tattoo shops pride themselves on the art, and artists that pass through their doors each and every day. You can also buzz websites for a listing of artists, or call the infoline for a brochure to see who is working the show. Most of all get out there and support your artists , you don’t have to get tattooed, and if you are interested in learning more about the art, conventions have a wealth of information and collectables. A tough man to book an appointment with, consider yourself lucky if you’ve been or are soon to be tattooed by the man. Following in his late Uncle’s footsteps, Inshaan pursued becoming Tattoo Artist after graduating high school.
Following a lengthy apprenticeship, he built his portfolio and was able to hone his craft in tattooing.

Known for being relaxed and approachable, Inshaan is always looking to accommodate most styles of tattooing.
He is influenced by great Tattoo Artists like: Jeff Gogue, Carlos Torres, Carl Grace, Horiyoshi III, and Freddy Negrete.
Those influences have led to his tattooing style to be a mix of Black and Grey, Japanese and Portrait. Always learning and expanding his portfolio, Inshaan continues to strive to become the best artist he can be.

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