The code of the warrior was not in practice a number of strict rules, but a general atmosphere of the honorable samurai ethic permeated society, which despite its violence, dangerous life.
In traditional Japanese tattoo, samurai often appears as part of the whole body, back, full sleeve or drawings. Although the samurai warrior tattoos, often in an atmosphere, bright and dressed in armor with a katana, are not always represented – in the traditional Japanese painting, in fact, they just usually represented in a time of quiet, when a heroic. The armors of the samurai are as iconic as their swords, and many model’s largely detailed armor, helmets, called a Kabuto. Although women are not samurai in feudal Japan, warriors were in the Art of War (Onna bugeisha) not trained unusual.

Technical skills in combat, honor and absolute fearlessness in the face of destruction are the characteristics of the ideals of the samurai are now living through art, writing, martial arts and other cultural resources.
Samurai lived known in code as Bushido, which describes the means to live the warrior honorable ( and even die).
The gun on top of a samurai helmet is indicative of what a family relationship, the spiritual idea, a mythical beast or animal. Bravery, loyalty and honor were as high as estimated martial arts skills, and the influence of Bushido in the modern era as part of the philosophy of the various styles of Japanese martial arts. The ideal samurai was strong, but honestly, courageously facing death, and a master of his practice.

Those with tattoos samurai as an exercise in this tradition, the ideals that subscribe to thrive on this honorable warrior class for hundreds of years.

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