Therefore, the actual tattoo would differ a lot from the Eastern versions, which is where dragons are seen as kind and intelligent beings.
Another reason to get a dragon tattoo is as a way to represent freedom is if you feel trapped in your life.
As tatuagens orientais estao cada vez mais na moda, algumas pessoas acham mais bonito fazer pequenas tatuagens em locais mais escondidos do corpo, outras preferem fazer desenhos bem grandes, em lugares que estao mais a vista, como por exemplo, tatuar os famosos dragoes orientais nas costas. Na China, estas criaturas mitologicas eram o simbolo do sobrenatural e de poder imperial, os dragoes residem nos reinos divinos. As tattoos de dragao sao classicos nos homens que querem fazer uma tatuagem inteira nas costas, mas nao se limita so ao sexo masculino, afinal muitas mulheres tambem ja aderiram as tatuagens de dragao. The art of tattooing in Japanese is called as Irezumi and is a process of insertion of the ink on various parts under the skin. In few places this practice of tattooing is used as a punishment but in most parts of the modern Japan these Japanese tattoo arts can be considered to restore the traditional Japanese culture to the west. If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Kanji Tattoos, Chinese Letter Tattoos, Chicano Tattoos and Texas Tattoos. The given image displays a colourful Japanese tattoo art covering the major portion of the sleeve.

The given image displays a ferocious tiger in the Japanese tattoo art extending from sleeve to the shoulder.
The given image displays a colourful Japanese tattoo art with dragon theme extending from sleeve to shoulder. The given image displays a shirt tattoo, a Japanese tattoo art with dragons and floral themes.
The given image is a black back Japanese tattoo art covering Dragon Phoenix and the Back piece.
The given image displays a captivating and a colourful Japanese art tattoo with Dragon and flowers. The given picture displays a man with a sword on the edge of a cliff in the Japanese tattoo art on the side part. The given picture displays a Japanese tattoo art at the back and extending up to the sleeve. O designio de tatuagem de dragao simboliza nobreza, magia, o poder de transformacao e imaginacao, perseveranca, lealdade, poder e a habilidade para transcender o usual, o dragao representa coragem, dever e honra. The purpose of tattooing in the earlier days as extended to the spiritual as well as decorative purposes.

I actually drew a two headed dragon in the infinity shape with one end breathing fire and the other breathing water.. In order to get a tattoo one should be careful enough to choose an artist creating it, kind of ink used and also the region of the body they choose.
Because it looks really great with the colorful combination of ink that makes it very astonishing.
In general Japanese tattoo arts include the dragons, Koi themes, deities and lot more with extremely brilliant colours. Tattoo design should also be chosen with immense care as they leave a permanent coloration below the skin. Often the traditional Japanese tattoos include symbols in the Japanese script and lot more varied themes.

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