In this article we will look at some free photo editing tools with which you can create good videos. In the video above I’ve discussed 3 photo editing software, one of which is the ubiquitous Microsoft Paint. Webmasters will agree that while the space is premium in a webpage, there is often no easy solution to accommodate images that are big and bulky, especially if there is no image-resizing photo editor available for ready use.

After pasting the screenshot image in Paint (see picture above) I simply omit the portions I do not need for my purpose. The images are then stacked one after another with fade-in transitions in between them, similar to the online video we made awhile back with Windows Movie Maker. For example, you can easily make an online video with just 2 images that are broken into several images, and upload it to YouTube for everyone’s viewing.

As you may have seen in the video above, you can easily clone any portion of the image with any amount of hardness of the edges.

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